Why Each Moment is The Right Time to Travel

Inspired by Kristin Addis’ words, this is an important article for me, because this is where I will attempt to show you the reality of our society. A society where travelling is considered impractical, especially for women. So, here are reasons why this is the right time for you to start travel.

Settling down does not mean stop travelling:

Families travel all the time, there are couples who travel together as a full-time hobby there are couples who travel solo from time to time and together. Getting married does not mean you have to sit at home, so that’s a no.

Women can travel alone:

Women are strong, they are smart, they learn fast, and they can endure. And you will turn 70 before it will become a common practice for females to travel solo. Like, please, if you are afraid, admit it and go back to your normal life, if you aren’t then pack a bag.

Each place in the world is as safe as the next:

Friends from home will always say that you aren’t safe, you will be safer at home. Well, psychology: feeling safer at home does not make your home safe, it just means that you know that place for too long and your mind develops this bubble in which you think it’s safe. In reality, nowhere is actually safe.

If someone was going to join you, it would have happened by now:

Many females are waiting for their friends to join them. Trust me, it’s not necessary that your friends’ dreams are similar to yours, if anyone wanted to travel, they would have asked you.