Top activities to in Chiang Mai:

Trek in the jungles:

Chiang Mai is the gateway to a number of trekking venture in the jungles. The best one are the ones that are three days long. They are just the right amount of time you can spend in the wild, plus, you get to visit a lot of great spots. You can visit tribal villages, and a good guide will give pretty interesting knowledge about the area and the wildlife around.

Check out Elephant Nature Park:

The Elephant Nature Park is located just a kilometer outside of the city, and is home to the abused and injured elephants that were rescued from the tyranny of tourism industry. You can come visit the sanctuary for a day or a week, and can even sign up to volunteer and take care if the elephants for some while. A single day visit at the Elephant nature Park starts at about 2,500 baht.

Try zip lining:

Chiang Mai isn’t just about roaming around in the jungle and experiencing the culture, if you are looking for a rush of adrenaline, go try one of the several zip lining courses offered by many operators in Chiang Mai like Flight of the Gibbon, and the Eagle Trekkers.