Our Favorite Israel Food Trucks

The food truck industry has gone overseas!

While food trucks haven’t technically made their way to Jerusalem quite yet, that dream seems to be on the horizon, and when mobile kitchens do start making their way to Jerusalem, you have to try them out!

Therefore, if you just so happen to live in Jerusalem, or plan on visiting in the very near future, then make sure to drop by the food truck scene when it finally breaks out onto the scene. Your taste buds will thank you!

So, When Can You Expect To See Food Trucks In Jerusalem?

According to an article published on israel21c.org, “the business development department of the Jerusalem Municipality and the Jerusalem Innovation Team (JLM i-team), are hoping to make food truck fare in the capital city a reality — come this summer.”

Here’s more information about the food truck scene hitting Jerusalem from the same article mentioned above:

“The initiative seeks to bring a commercial front to areas in the city where permanent infrastructure is currently deficient, serving as a lab for the future development of these areas, while giving participating restaurateurs a chance to reach new customers,” reads a statement.

“The Jerusalem culinary scene is renowned worldwide, appealing to visitors and residents alike,” says Mayor of Jerusalem Nir Barkat. “We want to bring restaurants to residents, workplaces and neighborhoods in order to connect Jerusalemites with their local businesses.”

We know your taste buds are running wild when it comes to trying the top Israel food trucks in Jerusalem, and soon you will be able to sink your teeth into some great recipes.

AutoChef, the first food truck fleet in Israel, is planning on serving business/industrial areas during the day and “create local pop-up events in neighborhoods in the evenings.”

If you are a fan of food, or the food truck scene in general, then this should be music to your ears. After all, mobile kitchens offer amazing food — to say the least. Not only that, but they tend to come with a lot of variety, uniqueness and they are just as good as sit-down restaurants … only much quicker when it comes to cooking your food — well, at least in most cases.

Food trucks have taken over the food scene in North America in a major way (if you visit a place like Los Angeles, California, then you will see exactly what we are talking about, especially if you hit up Venice on Food Truck Friday). It remains to be seen what type of impact food trucks will have in Jerusalem, but it wouldn’t be a surprise if they took over in a big way.

Surely, mobile kitchens will provide a great experience, and the food will be flooding with deliciousness. In North America, the food truck scene isn’t only booming but most food trucks provide a lively and friendly community — that’s typically what lunch trucks are all about … that and major convenience when it comes to your meals.

Until next time, this has been the latest Israel Food Truck Roundup.

Happy eating!