Best Places of Bangkok to Explore

Lumpini park:

Bangkok’s Lumpini Park is one of the main attractions for outdoor enthusiasts, with tons of jogging trails, bicycle roads, picnic spots, and lots of chess tables. There are also Tai Chi classes, an abundance of trees, weight-lifting activities, and rowboats available for rent on both of the lakes located inside. The park has countless activities to do, and the scenery is just stunning.

Royal Elephant Museum:

Elephants are somewhat the most significant animal in the history of Thai culture, are highly respected, and considered sacred by the people. You will find the museum inside the parliament compound and the museum is a testament of the value and significance of Elephants as a part of the religious background of Thai people.

Temple of Golden Mount:

Temple of Golden mount is located only a kilometer away from the iconic Khao San Road, and features a humungous chedi, which is mound-like structure filled with Buddhist relics. The wonderful views of the city from the top, the dramatic setting of the place, the golden temple, and the cultural vibes thrown by the temple are the top reasons why this temple is on top of many people’s list.